ACG 2021 Newsworthy Abstracts Highlight Cutting-Edge Clinical GI Science

This page is a gateway to explore the clinical GI science featured at the 2021 ACG Annual Scientific Meeting. Here you will find award-winning abstracts, commentary and perspective from select authors of newsworthy findings, and tips to navigate the array of clinical research being presented at ACG 2021 by investigators working to advance digestive health and improve patient care.

The authors of ACG’s Newsworthy Abstracts, selected by the ACG Public Relations Committee, provide additional perspective on their findings and explain what the clinical science means for patients. Following the links below, reporters can explore these Newsworthy Abstracts and author insights and connect with these researchers for media stories. To review all ACG Press Releases, visit Media Statements.

Tips and Tools for Navigating Abstracts

  • Final Program Book for ACG 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting
    • The Final Program Book contains information for the Plenary Session oral papers, some of the major science being presented at the meeting.
  • ACG 2021 Conference Platform
    • Tip: the online Conference Platform will help you access the full text of the abstracts.
  • Award-Winning Abstracts
    • ACG’s Presidential Posters are highly meritorious projects selected by the Educational Affairs Committee, and the College recognizes excellent clinical research by organ-system category as well as research by fellows-in-training.
  • Newsworthy Abstracts
    • Explore some of the papers and presentations selected by reviewers from ACG’s Educational Affairs and Public Relations Committees, a distinguished group of experts who suggested papers and posters with innovative, newsworthy, and/or significant findings.

Author Insights from Newsworthy Abstracts

Tauseef Ali, MD, FACG
Tauseef Ali, MD, FACG,
ACG Public Relations Committee Chair

Nominated by the ACG Public Relations Committee, this group of abstracts features scientific findings that are innovative, newsworthy for the lay reader, relevant to those who suffer from common GI problems, and which represent a significant advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of GI diseases. The Committee aims to identify novel and thought-provoking abstracts which reinforce key public health messages, such as emerging research on GI manifestations of COVID-19, the importance of colorectal cancer screening (particularly for minority and at-risk populations), or which feature common GI problems in a new way.